Did you know we offer boarding for cats and dogs?

Dog Boarding

We have kennel dog runs that have access to outside as long as the weather is nice. We also have two fenced in yards that your dogs are able to go outside and play with our kennel attendants. Our kennel attendants work very hard to make sure your dog's area is clean, and your dog(s) are well loved and played with!

Cat Boarding

We have a special room for your cat(s) to stay in! We have a set up of Kitty Condos that are set near a big window where they can look out and watch the birds! We also have plenty of kitty toys that they are able to play with. Our Kennel Attendants work hard to keep their condos clean, and make sure your kitty feels loved!

We have a set of wonderful kennel attendants that take amazing care of your pets! They are constantly cleaning kennels and condos, playing with your pets, and making sure they get
fed and have plenty of water. If they are on medications they make sure they get those on time!

If you would like to schedule a boarding appointment for your pet please call 276-889-5515 to make a reservation today!