Hospitalization For Your Pet

Hospitalized Patients

Patient Care:

Your pet will have its vital signs taken and will be monitored and observed on a regularly scheduled basis. Your pet’s condition may require treatment with various medications, fluids, special diet, or physical therapy. Most patients will have blood taken for laboratory analysis and intravenous catheters. Hair will probably be clipped for these procedures.

Checking on Your Pet:

Please make sure that we have correct phone numbers in order to reach you. These may include home, work or cell numbers. We encourage you to call daily to check on your pet’s progress. The doctor may not be able to come to the phone each time you call, however, another staff member will be able to keep you updated about your pet's condition. They can have the doctor return your call at a more convenient time. We ask that you limit the number of people calling for updates on your pet. This allows us to spend more time caring for your pet and the other hospitalized patients.


Visiting periods are allowed if possible and sometimes encouraged for some pets. Please call first to see if visitation is possible. We ask that visits be kept to 15 minutes or less. During our peak times or during certain procedures you may be asked to reschedule your visit. No one will be permitted to spend the night in the clinic.

Hospitalization Units:

Intensive Care Unit: Our intensive care unit is complete with Oxygen therapy when needed. It is located in our treatment area where your pet can be kept under constant observation by doctors and technicians so that any changes in your pet's condition will result in immediate attention.

Isolation Unit:

We provide an isolation ward for all pets with contagious diseases so they can be treated comfortably and effectively without risk of spreading disease.