Good afternoon friends and family, I hope you had a great weekend. As I got up this morning to do my usual Monday morning work cleaning the house and taking care of the animals I have 9 now, lol. I just started thinking about a wonderful place I used to work. I had the pleasure of working at Southwest Virginia veterinary service for several years. But you see I really can’t say it was a job it was actually my lifelong dream to work with animals but along the way, I met some amazing people. I worked with Dr. Peggy Rucker and Dr. Michelle Meister these women are two of the most amazing women I have ever met or will meet in my life. Every day that I would go to work I would wonder what exciting adventure I would have that day you see working in an animal hospital each day is never the same ever.!

Many mornings I would go in I work the early shift To find Dr. Peggy Rucker on the floor on a blanket taking care of one of her very sick patients she had been there all night and would only go home to take a shower and come back to start all over again. I watch these two loving women bring life into the world and sometimes, unfortunately, have to take the pain and suffering away from loving animals. Everything I witnessed when I worked there for several years was amazing.

I can honestly tell you I would take my babies nowhere else. If you’ve ever been there what you see and feel is real. The whole staff work hard on and off the clock to take care of your loving babies. I’ve done a lot of things in my 51 years but I can honestly say I’m the proudest to be able to say I worked alongside these wonderful amazing strong women. And I am so blessed to be able to call them friends. Thank you for all your hard work it does not go unnoticed. And God bless you all.

​​​​​​​My husband, Lee, and I found the Southwest Virginia Veterinary Service nearly 19 years ago when we lived in Tazewell, Virginia and our dog developed a severe seizure disorder. SVVS was recommended to us as the only veterinary service that might be able to help our pet. The caring treatment our pet received and the pleasant, warm interactions with staff convinced us the endorsements had been right on. Work-related household moves took us too far away to use SVVS for a few years, but since 2001 we enjoyed being back in the area where we and our pets would again have access. Prior to Molly, we had Honey Bear, an Akita Shepherd mix. A large dog, between 75 and 80 lbs. who lived to be nearly 15 years old and was in vibrant good health nearly to the end. She managed to keep up with Melvin for most of her years, even though he came to us as a puppy when she was already an adult dog.

We attribute her longevity and consistent good health to the guidance about pet nutrition and care … and to the excellent veterinary medical care from SVVS. Melvin is now approaching his 15th year, once again defying the “big dog” shorter lifespan expectation. We now live in North Carolina, a move we recently made to be closer to family in our retirement. We continue to use SVVS (now 6 hours away) for non-emergency care whenever we can. We are connected by phone and internet to the guidance of Drs. Rucker and Meister-Jones. They continue to assist us in managing medications for our old guy here … and whenever possible, we take Melvin and Molly to them for routine examination and vaccinations. Although we’ve looked into a few of the recommended veterinary services here in NC, we have found none that compare favorably. The veterinarians here seem competent and to genuinely care about animals… but none… absolutely NONE … offer laser treatments or have the equipment or laboratory capability to provide prompt diagnoses or truly current veterinary care. We will look to our local veterinary resources primarily for emergency care and convenient care for minor problems. We hope to continue with SVVS as long as we have Melvin and Molly … our VERY last dogs. You hear that, guys! We saved the best for last…right?

– Jeanne Noble

First class veterinary care. The doctors and staff care deeply for their patients, their patients’ families and the community. Proud to have top notch care so close to home.

– Debbie S.

I absolutely love taking my Schnauzer to SVVS. They are very attentive and caring and go above and beyond at every visit. I can tell they take pride in caring for others fur babies. I won’t go anywhere else. Definitely recommend!

-Jadia B.

I have been a client since Peg opened the practice many years ago (almost 45). I would never dream of taking my “kids” anywhere else. I wish some of the physicians would run their practices as well as this one is run. Everyone in this facility has the utmost respect and love for the fur babies and their owners. I hate it when my babies are sick but knowing that these wonderful people will care for them is such a relief. There simply are no words that can describe their dedication, love, and skill in treating all animals.

– Benny B.

Everyone that I have met at SVVS, doctors and staff, are at the top of their profession. Over the years my dogs and cats have always been treated with quality, knowledgeable, and loving care. Thank you!!

– Donna M.

We have been using SVVS for 19 years and have had many many cats treated there. I can only praise the care they have given our babies. They have the staff and instruments that are needed for great results. Dr. Rucker has called us at 9 pm, still in the office caring for our pets. Everyone is cordial and will help any way possible.

– Dave W.

The staff and doctor were all very kind and attentive. The doctor used appropriate terminology – didn’t’ talk down to me as some veterinarians will. The office itself, and the attitude of the people, give the impression that you and your pet are the most important guests at a high-end spa. Whether it’s a routine vet issue, or something dire, I’ll take my critters here.

– Ingrid G.

We are so thankful to have found SVVS. The entire staff goes above and beyond where our pets are concerned. Our family has been taking our multiple cats and dogs there for over eight years and wouldn’t think of going anywhere else.

– David A.

I brought in a stray kitten I had found. I didn’t have an appt but they helped me anyway. Every single person in that office is kind, helpful and professional. I will be taking my new kitty back to them so she can be spayed. They may cost more than the SPCA but I absolutely trust them with the wellbeing of my baby. If my other children (who happen to be cats) are in need of a doctor I will bring them to Dr. Peggy and her staff without hesitation.

– Jennifer R.